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Expert Opinion On Teenage Problems That Most Teenagers Face Everyday

Expert Opinion On Teenage Problems That Most Teenagers Face Everyday

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Question –


Hi I am a 16yrs old. I was always good at socialising with people till a year back but I am becoming socially awkward now. I can’t socialise now. I feel depressed and lonely which is affecting my studies. Please help me with this
- Sloka



Expert Advice –

Hi Sloka,

In the growing up years due to hormonal changes it is normal to have mood changes. Sometimes teens tend to go through a period of withdrawal symptoms too, when they cut themselves off from all social activities without any reason. It is due to the changes taking place in their body and mind in the growing up years. You should not feel alarmed due to this, as it is a natural phenomenon, commonly seen in teens. Very soon you will feel comfortable mingling with friends and socializing once again.


Since you have not mentioned any specific reason for you not feeling like socializing with friends, so, I can only guess that it is due to hormonal changes in your body. If you feel that you are withdrawing from social activities due to other reasons then you should try to solve the problem. If someone hurt you then you should talk to the person and solve the issues. If you feel that the friends, you used to mingle with, did not appreciate you the way you are then you should make friends with people who like you the way you are. After all, as social animals we humans are not supposed to go along with all kinds of people. We tend to have better chemistry with some people, but not all of them. We all want to be liked and appreciated for what we are, but sadly, it does not happen all the time.


Sometimes in the growing up years teens feel awkward about their body and have inferiority complex about it. They feel they are not as good as others. If you have similar issues then you should not feel that way. Every person is unique in his or her own ways. You should not compare your body or beauty with others. You are special in your own way.


Many times teens lose confidence due to some reasons. If you lack confidence to go out and meet people then you should think about the positive things you have in your life. This will give you courage and confidence about yourself. Remember, people will perceive you the way you think about yourself. You should do things which make you feel good about yourself. For example, if you want to learn to play the guitar then you should buy a guitar and start learning it by going to a music teacher. This will give you happiness and gradually you will gain your confidence back.

- KV Gautam



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