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Everything That Only a Sexologist Can Tell You About Masturbation

Everything That Only a Sexologist Can Tell You About Masturbation


  11233      20/01/2015

We regularly receive various queries from our readers regarding masturbation.  They share with us their confusions, concerns and fears regarding masturbation. So we decided to discuss it with our sexology expert Dr. Ajith Chakravarthy. Below are some of the questions that we received  and followed  by our expert Dr. Chakravarthy's advice on the issue. After our discussion with him, this is what he concluded:

1. Is masturbation is good for health and if not please tell me the disadvantages of it?

2. I have gall bladder stones and due to excess masturbation I feel that I am loosing sex time. Also the hardness of penis, so guide me.


3. I do masturbation twice at the same time but once in a week and I am regular at gym since 1 month does it having any effect on my muscle gains?

Dear Readers,  

It’s really unfortunate that even after so much awareness about health issues and availability of online scientific content on anything a lot of people are still stuck in misconceptions about sexual life. But let me clarify this, gaining knowledge about sex, sexual health issues, including masturbation, sexually transmitted diseases, various sexual practises is pretty normal and people should be aware about them with the correct information. Let me tell you very loud & clear, it’s all myth that masturbation is “unhealthy or bad”. This myth has created unwanted confusions & tensions in minds of people about a very healthy method (masturbation) of achieving sexual pleasure without getting indulged into risks of Sexually Transmitted diseases (STD), HIV infection & unwanted pregnancy.


Starting from Adolescent age, we are bombarded with quacks through the media that masturbation causes weakness, blindness, back ache, gall stones, kidney stones, problems in future sex life with partner, loosing “dat” etc. These are all highly prevailed myths.


Scientific evidence speaks that normal frequency of masturbation is advantageous in terms of emotional and physical health. Masturbation is a healthy and safe way of achieving sexual gratification for either genders. Masturbation is considered an addiction only when the frequency of masturbation is so high that it affects day to day activities.



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