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Everything That A Fitness Trainer Can Tell You About Making Abs!

Everything That A Fitness Trainer Can Tell You About Making Abs!


  3327      31/01/2015

You must have read many articles and tips about how to make abs. But did they work for you? If not, then don’t worry, you are not wasting time on another article. As a qualified personal trainer. I can tell you better on this. If you are one of those who gain a kg with only one bite of chocolate or a pinch of salt, if you are one of those who are suffering from a life time bloating, as you cannot imagine ABS on bloated stomach, if you are one of those who stay on dieting the whole year, train hard every day, even then nothing works for you to get a ripped ABS or even a flat stomach then this article is for you.


If you are gifted with ripped body already and suffer no issues mentioned above, then this article can get you an extraordinary abs. Below are few points you have to apply on your schedule to build ripped and killer abs:

1. Total body weight muscle building


Train all your body parts and not ABS only.. total body workout will increase your BMR, hence increase your calorie consumption and boost your metabolism, total body muscle building will also increase protein synthesis through increased natural testosterone.


2. Low intensity cardio


Spot reduction never happens. You can train each body part to build muscle but not to burn fat. Fat can be naturally removed from your body only though energy. So you have to utilize your overall body fat to decrease your fat from any of the body part. Even abdominals.

Therefore to utilize your total body fat, do low intensity cardio..yes, you right when you hear low intensity cardio like slow jog, interval cardio training, medium resistance cross-trainer or cycling for long duration like 1 hour per session. You have to get your body to the mode where it doesn’t need fast energy to be able to work, that’s where your body will use fat as the source of energy. So remember  to do boring and low density cardio to burn only fat and not muscle.

High intensity cardio are meant to increase your lungs and heart recovery rate and to increase your endurance or stamina so that your heart and lungs can be able to work faster and smoother than normal for best performance.


3. Smart training


Don’t train your ABS with 5,000 crunches or 10,000 repetitions leg raises or don’t ever train them every day. Abs are also like any other muscles, it comes in the category of small muscles group so they need high repetitions and more frequency. That’s why you should train your abs twice a week, with at least 72 hours of rest in between. And train them with weight for 15-20 repetitions max. Train them after workout or before workout or give them a special day. All is fine.


4.Targeting the right muscle


Front ABS are rectus abdominis and it’sa one muscle like chest divided into 4-8 packs depending on genetics.. or body parts. So there is nothing like lower/upper/ middle ABS. That’s why avoid doing leg raises. It may not help you to build lower abs cause there is no such ABS, you will rather increase or induce your lower back problems.


5. Vacuum exercise


Vacuum exercise is the secret to great looking ABS … vacuum is the exercise where you will  take out all the air from the stomach and then stay suck in for 10-30 seconds then repeat it 5-10 times. Do this exercise on an empty stomach.


6. Diet


The most important thing is dieting which is 80% responsible for building ABS. Dieting for me doesn’t mean to starve or using fat burning supplements or get addicted to protein supplements. Just eat a balanced diet containing carbs, protein, fat, multi-vitamin, minerals etc

Diet should not be followed by reading an article or by taking some tips from friends or fitness forums. You should consult a dietician, so that you do not harm yourself by any way, and for result assurance.


7. Core exercises


Practice core exercises like static/dynamic planks, single leg hip raises, deadlifts etc.


8. Play sports


You should engage yourself in some high intensity sports like basketball, football, American foot ball etc.. you will loose muscle hypertrophy obviously if you practice it on daily basis, but  once a week will make you better abs. Cause it will increase your oxygen uptake which helps in increased metabolism hence your body will utilize more of your body for energy.


9. Body detox


Yes, body detoxification has a very important role in attaining ripped and clean ABS. It improves your digestion, prevent bloating, clean colon helps in fat metabolism and many more.


All the Best.

- Welstar Peter



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