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Everyone Teases Me Because I am Fat, Call Me Vulgar Names, Help!

Everyone Teases Me Because I am Fat, Call Me Vulgar Names, Help!

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Question –


I am a 20 years old fat girl and everyone teases me with different names and calls me with some of the vulgar names too. Sometimes my friends also make fun of me but now I am unable to bear it to the maximum extent, after all I’m also their friend and then they say that those names are cute too. They say we love you and stuff but these words cannot console me. I don’t have one friend whom I can rely on and share my problem with. Sometimes I feel very depressed and low and feel to finish my life but I don’t have the guts to do it. So what else I can do?



Expert Advice –

Dear Shilpi,

It seem you have developed low esteem about yourself, based on your obesity because of which, you yourself feel that you are vulnerable to ridicule and criticisms. It’s not, the way things are, but the mindset you have about it that decides the impact of any factor on your life.

Obesity does not decide the status of a person in the society. It’s their confidence level, the ability to overcome the obstacles that come in their path of success, the assertive approach in communication / behavior  and the way you boldly project that, you don’t get deterred by any negative comments, only decides whether you are respected or not. Don’t forget that nobody is perfect.

Everybody has some weaknesses.  Stop feeling bad about your looks. Start interacting boldly and assertively with everyone. Focus on working towards your goal in life. Ignore the negative comments because when people feel that you are not affected by them, a good percentage would stop doing it. If there are people who continue to do it, find their weaknesses and start ridiculing them back. Also make it very clear to the friends that if they don’t stop they way they behave with you would not want to continue with the friendship that is distressing.

All these changes you make in your can give you positive feeling and boost your morale. But since you have stated that you feel like ending your life, better consult a professionally trained psychologist in your vicinity at the earliest.

Take Care.
-Manoj Raghavan



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