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Due To My Medical Condition, Parents Don't Want Me To Pursue My Dream

Due To My Medical Condition, Parents Don't Want Me To Pursue My Dream


  1864      05/05/2015

Question –

Hi I’m a kidney patient and I have recently gone under kidney transplant and my parents think that I will not be able to do any stress related job or a field work job but my passion is photography and I just love it. Please help me out?

- Gxxxx


Expert advice –



First of all I congratulate you for a successful kidney transplant. Pray that god almighty keeps you in fine fettle always.


Now about your predicament. Well of course your parents have a point there. They are concerned about you and rightly so. But I am sure you will come out of this situation pretty soon and do what you want to do the most. Your love for photography is one thing and your physical condition is another. You have to balance the two.

What you got to begin with is, to consult your kidney transplant team and take their opinion about whether you can indulge in your first love, photography or not. 

Explain to them about your parents’ worry about your taking stress and pressure and ask for their advice. And then do what they advise you to do. Remember your health is paramount. I think with certain precautions to be taken they will allow you to indulge in the vocation you have chosen for yourself. 

Once you get a go ahead from them let your parents talk to them too and satisfy themselves that it is okay for you to do photography.


Wish you the very best.

More power to you!
- Jamal Shah



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