DR A.D. Deva Kumar

DR A.D. Deva Kumar
23 Years Experience

Hi! I am Prof Prof.Dr.A.D.Deva Kumar, a Consulting Physician, Psychologist & Psychiatrist. I am based out of Bengaluru. Karnataka & I specialise in all kinds of mental health related issues. You can consult with me on AdviceAdda for all your emotional & mental health issues.

Counseling Psychologist,
Adult Psychiatrist,
Adult Psychiatrist,
Geriatric counseling,
Geriatric psychologist,
medical practitioner, Registered medical practitioner,
Interventional psychologist,
Family counselor,
marriage counsellor,
pre-matrimonial counselor,
post matrimonial counselor,
sex psychologist & sex counselor.

Qualification: MD MS PhD DSc

School/College/University: International Open University of Complimentary Medicines, Colombo and Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, IBAM Academy,

Year: 1993

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