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Done Diploma In Computer Applications, Want To Get A Job Abroad, Help!

Done Diploma In Computer Applications, Want To Get A Job Abroad, Help!


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Question –


Hi, I am Anand kr. Gupta and I am 28 years of age. Basically I belong to Bihar, currently living in Patna and I am unmarried. I have done graduation in psychology from B N Mandal University as well as have done few diplomas in computer application ('O' level) from DOEACC, science and technology, and institute of entrepreneurship development.


Right now I am working in a govt. Organization as a computer assistant on contractual basis for 5 years and at present getting Rs 10k p/m. I am intended to get a job in abroad. I have been trying to look for an opportunity in abroad for 2 years but I am yet to get success. So, I would like to get your advice in this respect that having regard to my salary is there any short-term course that I could do, so that I could get ample opportunity in abroad at earliest and easiest.
- Anand


Expert advice –

Dear Anand, 


I am not aware of what all diplomas you have done but looking at your present situation I would say that you have a long way to go. My suggestion is you better get a job in some IT company. Relocate to some big cities like Delhi or Bangalore where ample opportunities are there.

Find one job for yourself, do polish your skills and learn new ones. The better exposure you have, more opportunities will knock your door. Once you work in any MNC for a couple of years then on the basis of your skills and market requirement you can get a job abroad or the same company can send you abroad.


Best Wishes
- Raj Tomar



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