-Practicing Clinical Psychologist and Graphologist (handwriting analyst) from Bangalore.
-Specialized in Counseling, Graphology and Psychometric testing. Relying on Graphology for Counseling; as a tool to access the subconscious mind and enable the individual to get a clear insight of their personality and behavior {emotions, intellect, thinking style, approach, inclinations, attitude, talents, creativity, strengths, weakness, social adjustment, self-confidence, self-image, desires, fears, weaknesses, and libido, just to mention a few}. Our personality is 90% sub-conscious + unconscious and handwriting analysis is a tool to tap the same.
-My motto is that, awareness about the real self is the first step towards becoming a self-actualized and fully functioning individual; and I believe in focusing on the prevention aspect of mental health.
-My core areas of expertise are personal development, life coaching, mentoring, stress management, psychological counseling, crisis intervention, inter personal relations and life transitions.
-Unlike conventional counseling, insight is achieved in the very first session.
-Been a freelance consultant since 5 years.
-Regular columnist for Graphic Strokes- Registered Periodical.
-Frequently appear on local media as an expert for panel discussions.

Conduct trainings in my area on expertise.

Psychological Counseling, Personality Profiling based on Handwriting, Psychological Assessment.




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