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Didn't Qualify IIT & UPTU, Now Opted For BSc (Comp Sci) Is It Worth It

Didn't Qualify IIT & UPTU, Now Opted For BSc (Comp Sci) Is It Worth It


  2086      13/07/2015

Question –


Recently I qualified 12th, this was my second time. First in 2014 in which I secured 71.4% marks and then in 2015 where I secured 70.6% marks. I live in Firozabad (UP) city of glass. For one year I did the preparation of IIT but didn’t qualify. And also did not get best rank in UPTU exam.


Last year (2014) I decided to do engineering and this year too but due to poor result and lack of money I changed my route toward BSc. with computer science. Is it a right decision?  My aim is to work in a company like Google for 4years (at least) and further want to open a self financed company in India. So what route should I follow to get my target?

- Gaurang



Expert Advice –


Dear Gaurang, 

You have opted for a good course. After B.Sc in Computer Science, you can either do MBA in marketing, sales, HR or Financial Accounting. You also have a choice to do MCA and get a placement in an MNC in their software department. These skills will carry you forward. There is nothing to be disappointed about.


You have enormous opportunities everywhere after B.Sc in Computer Science with MCA or MBA. You can also try in Banking Service; appear for ICS/IPS or in State Services. Do not feel disappointed. Destiny will take you where you rightly belong. Have faith in yourself and do not interact with people with negative vibes. Good luck, my dear young fellow.

God bless you.
- Suresh Behari Lall



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