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Didn't Pursue Career in Animation In 2010, What Is It's Scope Now?

Didn't Pursue Career in Animation In 2010, What Is It's Scope Now?


  1734      13/07/2015

Question –


Hi, currently I am living in Delhi. I am confused about my career and I am 28 years old. First I did animation in 2010 but I didn't continue my career in that due to some problems. Then I jumped into digital marketing last year. Currently I am working in the same but not earning much.


I am not sure about this career. How much will I earn? I think salary is less in this field. Now I am thinking about learning some programming or go for distance MBA. Please suggest me some lucrative career options, or now what can I do. Should I go for business? It feels like my career is finish.
- Abhishek



Expert Advice –


Dear Abhishek,

Don’t worry, you still have a lot of time in hand, do not feel your career is finished. This is just the beginning. You said you have done your graduation in animation, animation and graphics are the "IN" things these days. I would suggest you to get more skills in this area. Pune and Mumbai have many institutes that offer advanced training in this area. It has great scope in e-learning. Go for a course in that.


Contact Funtoot which is a Bangalore based company and has a software, animation and graphic module for teaching students. In Delhi, you can contact their GM Mr. Mishra or Area Manager-Rahul Bhatnagar. This field needs people like you. Hollywood and Bollywood churn out films based on Graphics and animation. Get some more skills in the area. It is also a right area for entrepreneurship, so again if you want to go for business, you can explore your horizons here. Best wishes for your success.


All the Best
- SB Lall



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