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Currently Freelancing But Want A Permanent Job Still Confused About It

Currently Freelancing But Want A Permanent Job Still Confused About It


  2160      08/05/2015

Question –


Hi, I am a MA major in English Honors from DU and have passed my course in 2011, after that I had worked with an education institute as admission head for two months, I felt this was not what I wanted to do, in the past I have worked as a protocol assistant at the commonwealth games held in Delhi in 2010, I am currently doing freelance as a content writer. Tough the pay is decent, yet again this is not what I can do for the rest of my life, I need a stable job kindly suggest me something.


I am good at liaison and communication. My oral and written skills are good. I have less time now and I am looking forward to settle down with a good and a permanent job. Thank you
- Dipanjan



Expert Advice –

Dear Dipanjan,


Most of the people go through this dilemma in their career. After working for a few year they start questioning themselves “Is it what I wanted to do? Is it worth doing for the rest of my life? Why am I doing it?" etc etc. The only reason is they don’t take well informed decision about their career. They don't decide on career on the basis of the "end goal" and get caught in between "means goals".


Understand the fact that what you like is less important than what is important for you. Find out the reason why do you want to do anything, any job in the first place. Where do you want to see yourself 15 years/20 years down the lane? Then find out what will take you there. Start working hard to achieve your goal. You may have immense opportunities, many career options but you need to be stable with that to achieve that. Start making a list of prospective career/job options for you and start applying to them.


Following career options would be suitable for you if you have an inclination towards content and writing skills:

Copywriting for Advertising/Marketing firms

Web Content Development for content based websites

Ghost Writing and Translations/Transcriptions for authors or other writers

Research Writing for various research topics and putting the data together in a required format.


All the best
- Raj Tomar



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