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Completed Graduation & Post Graduation, Still Confused About My Career

Completed Graduation & Post Graduation, Still Confused About My Career



  2458      01/05/2015

Question –

I’m really confused about my career. I am from Kolkata & I have done graduation in advertising and marketing. After that I have worked with an NGO and in an event management firm. Right now I have done pg diploma in mass communication. Unfortunately I didn’t learn much in the jobs which I did in the past. The mass com course was also pure theoretical so I didn’t get a proper insight. Unfortunately in Kolkata the job scenario is very bad. I am very confused like what should I do now. I really don’t know what my strengths are.


By nature I am not that extrovert and I have a very low self-confidence. If you ask me about my hobbies I like cooking, singing and dancing. I come from a very lower middle class family and there is lot of financial problem. A lot of people tell me to learn a foreign language. Even I want to learn it but full time is not possible because I want job right now. Can you please suggest what should I do? I am feeling very directionless.
- Amrapalee


Expert Advice –


Dear Amrapalee,

Looks like you are suffering from a state which a very large percentage of young people go through at the beginning of their careers. You want quick growth, but you are not sure what kind of a job will give you the fastest growth. You are also unsure as to whether you have the skills and competencies necessary to succeed. Don't worry. I am sure that you will conquer this phase of uncertainty. 


As I have written in my biographical book, 'From Ouch to Oops', the most important thing to remember is that life is a long long innings. Temporary setbacks are bound to happen to one time and again and again. In my own case, after getting into IIT with an all India rank of 129, I lost focus and failed one year at IIT. I was drifting at the beginning of my career as a management trainee, trying to figure out what is good for me. At the height of my career as the youngest COO in telecom industry at 34, I was crippled by an autoimmune disorder and had to switch to much slower speed of career growth. As a director of HP, I was told to quit my job. So ups and downs are only natural in one's career. But as I have written in my book, it is how you handle these downturns that define your success.


The only thing to focus on in a job is 'How do I add more value to the organization?' if you do that consistently, you will succeed in your career. Do not worry about your salary, do not worry about your designation. Just focus on delivering 110% at every point in time. By this, I mean- redefine your role. The boundaries of your role are limited by your own imagination. In every organization, there are tasks that fall between functions. No KRA sheet can cover all eventualities. It is those people who step outside our given KRA who succeed professionally. Because stepping outside your KRA gives you learning and helps you grow professionally and also adds to your confidence. 


You said that there are limited opportunities in Kolkata. Who is tying you down to Kolkata? Take the bold step, push yourself outside your comfort zone and move to Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. There are plenty of opportunities for event management. 


Honestly, I don't see any reason for learning a foreign language. Focus on doing your work at 110%, work on your ability to communicate authoritatively, take on more and more responsibilities, patiently wait for your promotions and salary hikes, while continuing to invest in yourself. You will surely succeed in your career.


Best Wishes
- RamG Vallath



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