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Cheating on My Husband With My Ex Boyfriend But I Love Them Both, Please Guide

Cheating on My Husband With My Ex Boyfriend But I Love Them Both, Please Guide


  4478      02/10/2015

Question - 

Hi my name is N***, I recently moved to Mumbai with my husband. I was a vrigin till my marriage and started enjoying sex so much after my marriage.

I had a boyfriend whom I loved so much but could not get married to. Now sometime ago, I met him coincidently in Mumbai and started meeting him again. Once I saw his manhood and since I liked sex so much I got even more attracted towards him. We are again planning to have sex and we want to continue this unless its lasts.

Now we have a place and time both. We both agree to this arrangement. My problem is, can I trust him on this that he will not use me because I love my husband as well. By the way we did not have break up and it was just because of our families and our caste that did not allow us to get married. After that my boyfriend left the city and went somewhere. Please guide me on this matter.


Expert Advice - 

Dear N***,

Your query tells that right now you are in a dilemma in your life regarding fulfilling your desires or being committed towards your marital relationship. It is quite understandable that you got attracted towards your ex-boyfriend when you met him coincidently after long gap; both of you might have unfulfilled desires then and when you met coincidently you felt the attraction again.

My suggestions for you: Introspect and ask these questions to yourself:

- Do you think it is fine to be dishonest in your marital status when you are already into one committed relationship?

- What is more important to you, gratification of immediate desires with your boyfriend or a longlasting committed relationship with your husband?

Also, ask yourself what if your husband finds out about your relationship with your boyfriend. Be honest and when you receive your answers, decide for yourself as your life is in your hands. If you feel like being dishonest would matter to you in future and that the situation will be difficult to handle if your spouse finds out, it’s better to stay away from the desire with your boyfriend. Keep it in your mind that sometimes, just to fulfill our immediate needs and desires we miss pure relationship. Take care.

- Tara Adhikari



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