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Can One Lose Weight By Abandoning To Eat Eggs? Getting Extremely Thin

Can One Lose Weight By Abandoning To Eat Eggs? Getting Extremely Thin


  1914      17/06/2015

Question –

Can anybody just lose weight merely because of abandoning egg at the age of 17 years? From last 17 years she is consuming egg normally but for some reasons she totally abandoned it and in last 2 years she has become weak and lost high weight.  Now even some people call her ‘sukhi’. Please tell me can this be possible just because of eggs?
- Aditya


Expert Advice –

Dear Aditya,

No, just abandoning egg cannot lead to weight loss; otherwise all vegetarians would be thin. And we all know that, that's not the case. But that said, egg if not bound by any religious/social mores, should be an important part of every person's diet as giving it up means giving up on all the good (nutrients) it delivers. It provides good quality protein, iron, vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, choline, Lutein and Zeaxanthin (essential eye health antioxidants).

There must be some other problem that's hidden right now. Maybe her diet is lacking generally in protein and giving up on egg has accentuated the problem, or she is not consuming enough calories required (by her) to stay at an optimum weight, or there could also be a hormonal imbalance leading to this weight loss. I would advise you to go to a good general physician and on his advice get the requisite tests done and accordingly pin point the problem. 

Chronic weakness (tiredness) could be because of anaemia (iron deficiency), vitamin D or Vitamin B12 deficiency. Requisite tests could help decipher where the problem lies. By the way egg yolk is one of the very few food sources of vitamin D and has some iron too.


Take care.
- Kavita Devgan


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