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Can I Pursue Law (LLB/LLM) Through Distance Education At The Age Of 35

Can I Pursue Law (LLB/LLM) Through Distance Education At The Age Of 35


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Question –

Hi I am 35 years old. Can I pursue law course? I am very interested in studying law. Please advise me. If possible let me know if I can pursue through distance education. Thank you.
- Prasanth


Expert Advice –

Dear Prasanth,

The eligibility for the 5 year integrated program, B.A. LLB/B.Sc LLB/ LLB/BSW LLB, is 12th pass and age group is maximum 20years, therefore you would not be eligible for this course of law.


Nevertheless, if you are a graduate then you are eligible for the 3 – year LLB course; there is no upper age limit for admission in this course. You are eligible for this course if you have pursued your graduation by distance learning or correspondence mode. However, if you have graduated through open universities system, you would not be eligible for admission in law courses.


In addition to this many institutes and universities offer pg diploma/masters program in various disciplines of law such as:


  • Labor law

  • IT law

  • International law

  • Tax and corporate law, etc


Various law degrees can be pursued online or through distance programs. However, as per the guidelines of bar council, LLB acquired through distance mode is not valid to practice law as a lawyer/advocate; you can work as a legal advisor.  Also, the required attendance is 80% for each semester/year for each subject.


The diverse courses of law and the institutes offering such courses are:

  • Symbiosis center for distance learning offers: 

Post graduate diploma in business and corporate law (PGDBCL) for graduate in any discipline, from a recognized university.


Certificate program in cyber law (6 months)

  • National law school of India University, Bangalore  offers:

- Two-year master of business laws (MBL) programme

- One-year post graduate diploma courses:

A) Human rights law (PGDHRL)

B) Medical law & ethics (PGDMLE)

C) Environmental law (PGDEL)

D) Intellectual property rights law (PGDIPRL)

E) Child rights law (PGDCRL)

F) Consumer law & practice (PGDCLP)

G) Cyber law & cyber forensics (PGDCLCF)


  • SOL, School of law, IGNOU offers :


Pg diploma in intellectual property rights (PGDIPR) and pg diploma in criminal justice (PGDCJ) and various other courses, refer link:


  • The Tamilnadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Department of distance education offers pg diploma courses in:

A)Business law

B) Environmental law

C) Labor law

D) IT law

E) Cyber forensic and internet security

F) Criminal law, criminology and forensic science

G) Property law

H) Human rights and duties education , etc



  • Nalsar University of law, Hyderabad offers PG diploma in:

A)Patent law

B)Media law

C)Cyber law

D)International humanitarian law



  • NLU, Jodhpur offers:

3 years master’s in criminal law, criminology and forensic science and pg diploma in trade related laws

PG diploma in:

A) Intellectual property law

B) Security law and management



  • Annamali university offers:

2 years bachelor of general law

3 years bachelor of academic laws

3 years bachelor of business laws

Diploma in: law of taxation, labor law and administrative law

Pg diploma in criminology and forensic science



  • Madurai Kamaraj University, distance education offers:

Pg diploma in:

A)Labour laws and administrative laws

B)Information and communication laws

C)Consumer laws


  • Guru Nanak Dev University, distance education offers LLB (academic)


  • Mbitious institute of professional studies, Saket, Delhi

Offers 3 years LLB, correspondence, under graduate degree (bar council of India approved)


Some other colleges are:

- Govt. College of Law, University of Mumbai

- Faculty of Law, BHU, Varanasi

- Faculty of Law, AMU, Aligarh

- Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi

- Faculty of Law, University of Madras, Chennai

- ILS Law College, Pune


Interest plays a vital role in achieving success in any career; with this the required law course personality traits are:

- Excellent communication skills

- High level of confidence

- Analytical skills

- Coping up skills to long hours of work and work related stress

- Being updated with the latest changes in law

All the best!!
- Shehre Banu



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