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Can Hair Transplantation Be Done at The Age of 25? Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Can Hair Transplantation Be Done at The Age of 25? Does It Have Any Side Effects?


  2185      08/01/2016

Question –

Hello! First of all let get give a brief update about myself. I am 25 years old male and having hair loss from past 6 yrs and my almost half acre is gone now.

I want to know about hair transplant. Does hair transplantation have any side effects? Also what is the price range for the same? Please let me know in detail about the same. If am getting transplanted at this age will it give effect even after 40+ age or 60 +age. I heard that one needs to continue the medicines for the same after the transplantation, is it true?


Expert Advice –

Hello Dear,

Hair transplantation is a very safe procedure with very few side effects. At the age of 25, however, you are very young to go for this treatment. You first need to see a dermatologist and start medications for your hair loss.

After the medications have been optimised and other non invasive treatments have been tried and failed then only you should consider getting a hair transplantation done at your age.

Hair loss is a progressive problem. Your hair loss will progress with your age. If you get a hair transplantation done without medical therapy, then you will find that the hair has receded behind the area where you got transplantation.

- Dr Sirisha Singh




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