Bhoomi Diwa

Bhoomi Diwa
Relationship Expert
5 Years Experience

Language Known

English hindi

Bhoomi Diwa is a Relationship Coach and has been in this profession from a very early age, helping friends and peers towards a better relationship with themselves first and then others. To lead a balanced life, we all need harmonious and fulfilling relationships. All our actions revolve around our daily relationships whether personal or professional. Until we manage our relationships with others and ourselves, we can't accept any growth in our life. Unhealthy relationship generates unresolved emotions which is main reason for 90% of diseases. Bhoomi's goal as relationship coach is to build a vision for each of your relationships, help you raise your core energy levels, to make conscious choices about your relationships, to have a greater sense fulfillment and satisfaction in life. This will be done based on each coachee's specific need.




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