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Best Smartphone Under 22k (Lenovo Vibe X2) A Review By Abhishek Telang

Best Smartphone Under 22k (Lenovo Vibe X2) A Review By Abhishek Telang


  2967      25/03/2015

Question –

I want to purchase a smart phone under 22,000 thousands which has good camera and good battery life.


Expert Advice –

Hi Jay,

You can go for Lenovo Vibe X2 which claims to be the world’s first layered phone. It comes in a combination of layered color panels. From black to orange, to blue, to golden. 

It has a 5-inch IPS LCD capacitive touch screen (1080x1920p, ~441 ppi) The Lenovo Vibe X2 has a Full HD display which is crystal clear and crisp. It also works perfectly well in bright sunlight increasing the brightness to overpower the reflections from the sun above. 

This phone has MediatTek MT6595m 2.0 GHz True8Core Octa-core processor. The core processor is good enough to give Qualcomm and Intel a run for their money. The phone comes with 2 GB RAM and 32GB storage, but no external storage slot.

It has 13MP rear camera plus 5MP front camera. The cameras are decent, but not great. It is fast and clicks when you have to but there is no manual mode. You have about 25GB storage to use.

The phone has dual SIM slots, one for micro SIM and another for Nano. The 2300 mAh battery is good to go for the entire day. But remember to keep the brightness of the screen at auto as the full brightness will drain your battery real quick.

Android 4.4 with Vibe UI, the performance is smooth and powerful. Lenovo Vibe X2 is the best Smartphone around the Rs 20,000 price point at the moment. The phone that comes closest as far as specs go is the Nexus 5 which is at least 50 per cent more expensive and still is short on some features.

-Abhishek Telang



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