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Are you 'Over Ambitious' in career? Then You Are In Danger

Are you 'Over Ambitious' in career? Then You Are In Danger



  4003      21/07/2014

Do you consider yourself ‘Ambitious’ or  ‘Over Ambitious’ in terms of career? If you think you are ambitious then it’s fine but if you find yourself ‘Over Ambitious’ then you are in danger. Yes! You read exactly what is written. This article is about how over ambition spoils your career. 

Everyone has ambitions and aspirations and this is a good thing. If you are overly ambitious, however, you could seriously damage your career. The overly ambitious person has something to prove in a hurry, and in his haste, he may forget certain key elements that would help him to get to where he wants to be. 


Keep Realistic Ambitions

A person can be unrealistically ambitious, beyond his own limitations and capability. The ambition may blind him to the reality of his own character and abilities or to the limitations of life. For example, many young people want to be music stars, but not every young person who aspires to be a music star will get there. If you cannot play an instrument or sing or dance and have no charisma, you are unlikely ever to reach the heights of that profession. If you cannot realize that you will never do so, you will never examine other possibilities and so miss other opportunities that you might have had to build a career in a related or entirely different industry. 


Don’t Be Arrogant

Even if your ambitions are a little more realistic, you might be concentrating so fiercely on your career goals, that you forget, or have no time, to form the relationships that would smooth your path to the top. You may believe that your opinion is the only valid one and this may blind you to the contribution that other people’s opinions make to our own thinking.

You may also talk over colleagues and ignore their suggestions even when those suggestions might be more helpful than your own. You may very well seem arrogant to others, severely tempting your colleagues to take you down by pointing out your every mistake. If you are arrogant, no one is going to want to help you when you need help.

In this regard, you may also be showing your superiors exactly why you are unsuitable for promotion. Abilities to relate well to others and to inspire and encourage other workers are necessary for managers. Forming workplace relationships is a prerequisite to showing these abilities.


Overly ambitious people may not be able to see things clearly. If asked to take on a job that is a sideways move from their current job, they may indignantly refuse, seeing it as a retrograde step. When, in fact, their employer may be testing out their skills or enabling them to add to their skills and abilities, the better to fit them for a future promotion that he has in mind for them.

Have Patience


Over ambition can make a person believe that they are invincible. They believe themselves to be the most valuable worker in the workplace and do not understand their own failings. These failings may mean that the over ambitious person may find his name at the top of the redundancy list.

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Ambition and aspiration are good attributes to have in the workplace. However, over ambition can cause you to take actions that actually sabotage your chances of success. That is how being overly ambitious could damage your career.



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