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After Miscarriage My Monthly Cycle is Disturbed, Anything Serious?

After Miscarriage My Monthly Cycle is Disturbed, Anything Serious?


  2075      26/12/2014

Question -

Dear Advice Adda Team,

I had a Miscarriage on 2nd june (6 week baby). My sex life is completely normal with my husband but my monthly cycle is not normal yet. I am worried about this situation, Is there any serious issue with me or it’s a normal thing? Please help me out.

- Mrs Roy


Expert Advice –

Dear Ms. Roy,

There may be many reasons for disturbed cycles, either due to post abortal hormonal dysfunction, infection or other hormonal disorders like pcos. It does not appear to be a very serious problem and can be sorted out by a good gynaecological check up. So, Don’t worry about it, go for a check up and consult with your gynaecologist whenever you find it suitable for you.

Best Wishes

Dr. Rakhi Gupta



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