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After Completing BCA, Do I Have Any Options Other Than MS?

After Completing BCA, Do I Have Any Options Other Than MS?


  2170      30/07/2015

Question –            

Hello, I'm doing my BCA now, I want to do MS after my BCA, but for that I need to do one year of MCA. I want to be a programmer. Do I have any other option other than doing MS?
- Sangeetha


Expert Advice –

Yes you can do a number of skill based courses in computer applications e.g. Graphics and animation. Most of the courses are year long but you get a lot of practical skills. Go on the websites of many Pune and Chennai or Vellore based Engineering Colleges and you would be able to get the course details and fee structures. BCA should be treated as an eligibility door to large number of skill-based programs.


All the best.
- Prof. SB Lall



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