About Us

Are you happy, productive & tension free in your life? or puzzled, worried, stressed & depressed due to your personal issues, complex situations, dilemmas, phobias, insecurities or queries that stops you from leading a happy & constructive life? 
We know, most of us are stuck in various situations which affects our peace, productivity & growth in leading a tension free & happy life that we call tough phase in life. So, why don’t we try to get out of tough phase? Why don’t we discuss our issues with right people? Why don’t we seek help from right experts? 
Actually, we do but in very-very limited situations (general problems) & that too not always with authentic people and there are multiple reasons behind it - 
  • Sometimes we do not even realise that we need help because we are used to of our situations & hardly think over their remedies. And even if we realise that we need help we don’t know how to find right person to seek consultation.
  • Many a times we go through very personal issues (including relationship, sexual health & other emotional issues) that we are not comfortable in sharing them with anyone not even the experts because we are afraid of our identities or being judged by them. 
  • There are scores of situations - mental, health, legal, financial & others, when we actually need expert advice but the entire process of finding a right expert, checking his/her credentials and then visiting him for consultation in between our daily hectic schedule is so tedious that we generally avoid it. 
And all these reasons stops us from taking right remedy for our problems, queries & pains and by avoiding them in initial stage we keep making mistakes on that front that ultimately makes entire situation out of control and then we end up loosing hope, peace of mind and the zeal for life. 
That’s the only reason why we started AdviceAdda.com where millions of people going through problems in life can seek help/ advice/ consultation from authentic & verified experts on board from all the verticals of life under one roof without going anywhere & without a fear of being judged. 
We believe whatever life (Happy or Unhappy) we lead is the result of all the decisions that we make in our daily life situations. So, it’s always better to take advice from someone who has expertise in that. So, that we can avoid the mistakes that create problems in our lives. 
So, start consulting right experts for any situation that bothers you and make your life stress free, happy & productive. 
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