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8 Sure Shot Tips on Personality Development & Grooming by an Image Consultant!

8 Sure Shot Tips on Personality Development & Grooming by an Image Consultant!


  3357      05/10/2015

We organized a Live Chat (AMA) session on the 2nd October with Nancy Katyal, a Pune Based Image Consultant & Soft Skills Coach who is also the founder of The Perfect You (  to address an AMA (Ask-Me- Anything) Session with our audience on AdviceAdda’s Official Facebook page ( on the topic ‘ Is Your Dressing Sense Right’ where participants from our facebook page asked direct questions from Nancy ranging from personality development to grooming to dressing right for an interview. The event was a huge success with more than 50 Q&As, a whooping reach of 7,000 people in just one hour on one single post. The participants were highly involved and thanked Nancy whole heartedly on her great insights on the topic. 

To begin with, Nancy introduced herself saying that she is looking forward to answering queries from our users.  They were asked to post any questions that they may have with respect to: Appearance, Grooming, body language, Personality development or the Art of dressing well.



Nancy katyal

Here are the top 8 questions that Nancy answered. We are sure these will help you too in knowing whether your dressing sense is ‘Right’ or not.

Prakhar: Hi Ma’am, I am a final year college student and my college placements has just started so how should I groom myself and my personality so that the interviewer will be happy with my personality and confidence.

Nancy Katyal: The First key step is having belief in our self because Image is inside out. If we feel confident from within, that confidence is projected outside as well. Some of the tips would be

1) The attire should be clean and tidy.

2) Body language should be positive and open.

3) Be an active listener and then respond to the questions.

4) Its always best to wear formal attire and ensure you are comfortable wearing it.


Prakhar: Ma’am before interview I was confident and when the time for me to go for the personal Interview round was coming near then I felt conscious and started feeling tensed.  So what should I do to overcome that tension?

Nancy Kaytal: Sure Prakhar, I can understand. I would suggest you to practice your answers in front of the mirror, as that will help you in reducing your anxiety. Also start your day with positive affirmations to yourself. It's okay to tell yourself that “You are the best and you will do great during the interview” J


Santkumar Singh Rajawat: Hello ma’am, I am an IT professional, so we do not really have a very good dressing sense. I want to become an entrepreneur in the tech domain, so I want to groom myself for that. Do you have any tips for me?


Nancy Katyal: Thank you Santkumar Singh Rajawat for your query. There is a popular saying that one must always dress for the job that we want and not for the job that we have. Business casuals give you a wide range of dressing if you are an IT Professional.

Being an entrepreneur one must always dress interestingly at the same time look professional and authentic. A few tips could be:

1) Wearing shirts with formal cufflinks

2) Your belt and shoes must always match


Praachi: Hi Ma’am, What should I wear for the Interviews held at the Central Government Offices for law posts?

Nancy Katyal: Thank you Praachi Yadav for your question. For Interviews one must always wear a formal attire that looks professional, clean and tidy e.g. a formal trouser, shirt and a jacket(Western wear) or a Sari with a small border (Indian wear).

Before going for the interview one must always check the dress policy of the company.


Praachi: From where can we get to know the dress policy?

Nancy Katyal: It is always best to call the HR and check in case you are not able to find it on their website. If that is not possible than it’s always advisable to wear business formals.


Prabhat: What are your suggestions for improving overall social adaptability for an introvert?

Nancy Katyal: Sure Prabhat. For improving one's interpersonal skills, there are a lot of things one can do. One of the tip is: asking open questions, which helps us to engage in effective conversation with others

 e.g. rather than saying “Pune is a nice place isn't it?” We might ask “what do you like about the city Pune?”

There is a great saying which says "we should be more interested in talking about the other person rather than focusing only on ourselves and as a result: the conversations are always pleasant.

Prabhat: Thanks! Your suggestion is basic as well as practical!! No complicated solutions!! Kudos!


Kirti: Hey Nancy, I usually get confused what to wear for the interviews. What goes right with the Indian formals or the western formals. What one should prefer now a days in the changing scenario of working culture.

Nancy Katyal: Hello Kirti. Now a days most of the companies are very open to both Indian Formals as well as Western formals, however in Indian formals, wearing a legging with a formal kurti may not look appropriate and formal, instead one can wear a cigarette pant with a kurti or a cotton churidaar that doesn't stick too much to one's body. Being appropriate and at the same authentic is the key.


Pradeep: Hi Nancy, I m working in a private company as a sales manager. I job is to meet different clients, so what kind of dressing sense should I focus on so that they get attracted towards what I am selling?

Nancy Katyal: Hi Pradeep, if your job demands traveling then I would recommend always chose fabrics that are comfortable and at the same time look professional.

e.g. Clubbing a trouser with a formal shirt and a jacket of a lighter color ( keeping in mind the color of the shirt and the trouser ), would look appropriate if the weather is hot rather than wearing a black jacket in a humid weather.


Sonal: Hi Ma’am, myself Sonal, I  used to give a lot of presentation in corporate offices but I get confused which kind of dressing sense should I opt for every presentation?

Nancy Katyal: Sure Sonal. For presentations you can make your look more interesting by adding a few elements like scarves or formal neckpieces to your formal attire (like a formal top with a skirt/trouser and a vest/jacket) or Structured Kurti with Cigarette pants also looks very formal yet different.


Rupali: Hello ma’am, I m a fresher.  I am going to start my career in PR, so what kind of dressing style should I opt? I want to dress to impress so that I can get ahead in my career.

Nancy Katyal: Sure Rupali. Any dress one chooses to wear should be appropriate and must suit our body shape. We must chose an attire that is not casual because it will not create a great first impression, it’s always better to wear formal or semi formal to create a great first impression.


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