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8 Simple Ways to Control Anger in Teenage

8 Simple Ways to Control Anger in Teenage

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We all know that being a teenager isn't easy. There are pressures of school, employment, family and peer. Hormonal fluctuations, future uncertainties, and many other things wreak havoc in an average teenager’s life. So, its very common to loose temper in teenage when things don’t happen as per your wish. But when it becomes part of your behavior, it affects your life a lot. Here are 8 simple steps which can help you in controlling your anger.


1. Seek support of people who make you feel comfortable.


2. You should realize that no one will tolerate your anger all the time. You need to learn how to control your anger or else the situation will be worst than you can assume it to be.


3. Think about those people whom you hurt when you are hyper.  You should always have it in your mind that the people you are hurting are actually the ones who care for you.  


4. Think about someone who has been short tempered with you at some time in your life - a family member, a schoolmate, or anyone else. It's never pleasant to have somebody upset or angry with you. Try to understand that the other person is probably not trying to tick you off. They may be trying to tell you that you have done something unacceptable.


5. Introspect your feelings. What did that person do? What do you feel must be done to "fix" the situation so you can feel better? changing the subject or ignoring whatever is upsetting you can all help.


6. Try and avoid turning your anger towards other people. If you really feel the need to express your anger physically, punch your pillow, teddy bear or something like that.


7. Even after trying all the methods to get over your anger, If it persists for a longer time. Then this is a warning signal that your problem is getting aggravated.


8. Do something which makes you happy or just Pick up a book of your choice and start reading. 



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