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7 tell-tale signs that your best friend is your biggest enemy.

7 tell-tale signs that your best friend is your biggest enemy.

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They say keep you friends close and your enemies closer. But what happens when your closest friend turns out to be your enemy. There are few signs that can tell you the best friend you have is really your friend or just pretending to be one. Below are some of the signs that can help you determining this and you can save yourself from such toxic relationships:



1. Friends who Promote Bad Habits

Your parents always warn you against ‘bad influence’ but you always wonder what this bad influence actually is. If your friend is forcing you into bad habits like smoking, drinking or pornography then such are the people you need to stay away from. As a teenager you are always drawn towards such habits but these can be very harmful to your health at such a tender age. You have your entire life to explore these, wait sometime and let things unfold on their own. Also try to convince your friend to quit who is into all these things. You can try to become a good and ideal friend.


2. Friends Who Flatter

Your best friend should be your biggest critique. So if you have a friend who always supports you even when you are doing something wrong, then remember he/she  is just flattering you to be in your good list. He/she is not your best friends; they are keeping you in dark about your short comings.


3. Friends who are Very Critical

Having said your best friend is your biggest critique, your friend should not be critical about everything you do or what you are. For example your friend should not be too critical or judgmental about your performance in school, about your appearance, your social status or your family. They should not criticize you about your good grades, or whether you are fat or thin, or the decisions that you take. In short stay away from people who demoralize you. 


4. Friends who are Jealous

Jealousy ruins all types of relationships, especially when it is friendship. So stay away from a friend who is jealous of your success or your achievements. So sense jealousy, closely observe your friends when you achieve something or when you buy something new. Their reaction will tell you whether they are jealous or happy for you.


5. Friends who Use and Abuse

This mostly happens when you are well off or when you are more intelligent than your friend. There are many times when people use you for your money or intellect. Do not befriend people who use you for any of these.



6. Friends who Ignore Your Priority

Do not befriend people who do not care about your priorities. Friends who force you into partying or roaming around with no purpose which results in great wastage of your time are not doing you any good. Teenage is the time when you have to decide your priorities, and you should not allow anyone to take advantage of you.



7. Friends who Demotivate You

Lastly, your friend should be someone who always motivates and should appreciate your talents. People who demotivate you from doing something good are not worthy of your time.



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