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6 Sure Signs it is Time To Replace Your Bra

6 Sure Signs it is Time To Replace Your Bra



  7150      28/10/2014

There are some very certain signs it’s time to replace your bra. There comes a time in every bra’s life when it simply needs to die. Most of us try to extend our bras way beyond the scope of when they are working well for us. Did you know that the average life of a bra should only be 6-12 months? Look for the signs of 'it’s time to replace your bra' before it is past the expiration date!

We are going to explain 6 most common signs that will tell you that it's time to ditch your bra for a new one.

1. Your bra is at least 2 years old

Like the grocery in your fridge, bras have an expiration date too. After two or three years, it loses its elasticity and you don't get the proper amount of support from your bra, leaving your breasts hanging — literally.

2. Your bra band is too loose

You might think that the straps are what keep your breasts up, but it’s the bra band (i.e. the part that hooks across your back) that does the majority of the heavy lifting. If you’ve been wearing your bra on the tightest hook for more than two months and/or the bra band is too loose, it’s time for a new one.

3. Your straps are never tight enough

If your straps keep sliding off your shoulders and you can’t tighten them any further, they are stretched out, which means it’s time to retire this tired bra.

4. The underwire has popped out

If you wear a wired bra, you may be tempted to simply shove the underwire back in, but experts say this is a sign of a bigger structural problem. Once the integrity of the casing is broken, the bra doesn’t work the same. That means you need a new bra.

5. When there’s a gap in your bra cup

If you’re standing up straight and there’s a gap in the cup, that means it’s either stretched out—which can happen with lace bras, in particular—or you’ve lost weight and need a different cup size. The cup should lie flat against your breast.

6. When the elastic in the back band has ripples

If your bra’s back band has a wavy pattern or ripple effect that means the elastic is stretched out and your breasts aren’t getting the right amount of support, it's time to say a final bye-bye to your gool old bra.



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