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6 Must Take Steps that can help you fighting ‘College Ragging’

6 Must Take Steps that can help you fighting ‘College Ragging’


  8329      25/08/2014

19 years old Delhi’s boy Raghav joined college a week ago. He was a very bright student in school, he got very good marks and took admission in one of the top colleges.  But now he does not like his college very much. His parents remain concerned about his behavior. Reason? He was ragged badly on the first day of college, and since then his classmates and seniors make fun of him. He stays depressed most of the times and is much disoriented with his studies.

Ragging has been a serious issue from past few years now and there has been some terrible cases where students have even committed suicide due to ragging. Anyone can type ‘suicide due to ragging in India’ on Google and see so many examples of it.

In a most recent case, 3 days back a student, son of Bihar’s cooperative minister Jai Kumar Singh tried to commit suicide allegedly because of ragging, he is critical and is in ICU since then. A first-year MBBS student also committed suicide by taking poison in his hostel room at Medical College Hospital in Enathur near Kancheepuram in November 2013.  In another case a girl student of a pharmacy college allegedly committed suicide after being ragged by her seniors and a faculty member in august 2013 in Bhopal. In her suicide note, she blamed her four seniors and the faculty members for the suicide. She was continuously harassed by them, and this drove her to commit suicide.

In the wake of such cases University Grants Commission (UGC) passed regulations in the year 2009. This has made ragging a punishable offence, anyone who rags can be suspended from college, and in some provisions barring admission in any other college for next 3 years.

If you are a fresher and you have joined college recently, then here are a few steps that you can follow to avoid and combat ragging -



1. Don’t carry wrong assumptions in mind

Don’t make wrong presumptions about ragging that it will always in bad shape.  There is a possibility that It can be only for an Introduction when seniors may ask you to introduce yourself or ask you to show them some of your talents. There is nothing unnatural or wrong about it. It’s part of college’s ‘Fun Life’. So you don’t have to fret about it. Just be calm and introduce yourself, it can be a great fun. In fact it can help you know your seniors better and you can be very good friends with them which will help you in future but if at any point of time you find it offensive, obscene or degrading don’t tolerate it.


2. Don’t be afraid of anything

There can be instances where your seniors can pressurize you to do their assignments in the name of ragging, or they can harass you physically and make obscene gestures. If it is happening with you don’t tolerate it. Don’t be afraid of your seniors when it is crossing the boundaries of descent behavior and your human rights. Face them with courage and clearly deny whatever they are asking you to do. Learn to say ‘NO’ and don’t be afraid in front of them. Always remember you are on right stand and the system and law will only support you in any situation. Don’t ever forget in India there are strict laws against ragging so tackle the situation politely with courage of being right on your front.



3. Talk to Your Friends and Get United

Whenever ragging  happens mostly victims are many in numbers not just one. So, if you know others of your batch who is going through same situation talk to them about it very clearly. Unite all your friends to face the brutal and inhuman activity of ragging. Once you will get the support of many of your batch mates, warn your seniors in group that you won’t stay quiet and if they continue to rag you.


4. Talk to college authority

When ragging becomes intolerable and your seniors are adamant to rag you, do not hesitate going to authorities. Ragging can become very serious if actions are not taken on time. College authority has all the powers to stop ragging and punish the offender. You just have to report to them on time. Keep your parents in the loop and inform them about whatever that you are going through in college.


5. Involve Your Parents

Even when nobody supports you, your parents are always going to be there to protect you. Talk to your parents about whatever is happening with you at college. Even though you are an adult now and you think you can handle your problems on your own. Your parents can be of great help in situations like these. They are always your moral support and they are going to help you no matter what. They can also counsel you during such time; their experience will help you understand how to counter with people who try to degrade you.


6. If nothing helps, go to police

Yes, this may sound like an extreme step, but as we read in the beginning of this article, there have been extreme cases of ragging. Seeking the help of police is not is not that difficult as you might think of it; rather they are of great support in such cases. Police is specially trained in nabbing such people. Now with stricter laws, you have all the means to make a strong case against them. Don’t be afraid of your seniors if they warn you about the police complaint. They can’t do anything once they are held against the law.


Remember ragging is a crime. SO SPEAK UP AGAINST IT.



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