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6 Beauty Myths That We Blindly Follow And The Reality Behind Them!

6 Beauty Myths That We Blindly Follow And The Reality Behind Them!


  3445      06/02/2015

We all aim for a skin that radiates with health and beauty. We even spend much time and money using different products to look our best. Such is our love for amazing looks, and we would often follow certain beliefs without checking the facts. For instance, many of us believe that using hair conditioners in winters may lead to excessive hair fall, even when it is not backed by any scientific research. Our Beauty and Skin Expert Aakriti Kochar, will demystifies a few beauty myths for you in this article. .


Myth 1. Foundation can make you look fairer


Fact - A foundation is designed to even out your skin tone. It does make one look fresh and brighter but that is because it evens out your skin tones and removes any marks, dark spots etc on your skin. This is turn makes it look even and brighter. Using a lighter foundation will make you look grey and will never blend into your skin naturally as compared to the shade matching your skin tone. For most of the Indian skin tones, pick a foundation with a yellow undertone. A pink based undertone will not blend well into your skin. Only the correct shade will settle into your skin and look natural. A compact can be picked one shade lighter or exact shade of the foundation depending on personal preference.


Myth 2. Concealer is Lighter than Foundation


Fact - The shade of the concealer need not be lighter than that of the foundation as it is a known fact that using a lighter foundation makes the skin grey or unnatural. Also, using a lighter shade of concealer makes the flaws become more prominent rather than hiding them. The solution to this problem is to match the shade of the concealer to that of the natural skin tone. If your foundation and concealer shade is 2-3 tone different then you can first apply the concealer on affected areas and then give a thin layer of foundation to match the color and bring it to your natural tone. For hyper pigmentation or dull eyes, one can use an orange or yellow concealer to kill the blue undertone first then apply the concealer. Using the concealer shade alone on hyper pigmentation might not hide your dark circles/ flaws completely in this case. Use a loose powder or compact to seal the concealer or concealer followed by foundation, immediately. This sets the base and prevents creasing.


Myth 3. Red Lips only for the Fair


Fact - Red lips are not limited to just fair women. The colour comes in various shades to suit different skin tones.  Women with fair tones can use coral reds whereas Women with dark complexion, it is advisable to go for warmer shades of red (more towards to maroon tone). Always remember to outline lips with a red lip liner  matching to the color of red lipstick you are going to use. Another useful tip while wearing a red lipstick or any other bright shade is to keep it matte. A bold lip colors on its own gives the required definition and the so called pout which everyone wants. Avoid gloss or shimmer. The color on its own does the magic.  So do not play coy and sport red lips, just find the right shade!


Myth 4. Blush only adds Color


Fact - Blush is not used just to add colour to cheeks but also to add definition to your face. Blushers helps in contouring cheek bones therefore making our features appear sharper. However, dark brown shades can only be used to contour or give shape to your cheeks, jaw line, nose etc. Using a pink/peach colour will not solve the purpose. These contour shades should be matte finish whereas blushers used to add color to the face can be pink, peach, corals, etc. Blushers can be of matte finish or sheen. However those with sheen/ shimmer are used to highlight your face.


Myth 5. No Black Liner for Small Eyes


Fact - People with small eyes should not apply black eye liner is an absolute myth. On the contrary, black eye liner on the top rim of the eyes can make small eyes look bigger. These also help in defining small eyes to big eyes, or almond shaped depending on the shape of eye liner. Colored liners also emphasize the eye shape, not as much as black but they do make your eyes pop. One can use a colored eyeliner on the inner rim i.e the water line to make it look bigger and brighter. White eye liner pencils are also used to make your eyes bigger and brighter.

Myth 6. Wearing Makeup Causes Breakouts


Fact - It is a common myth that wearing makeup causes breakouts. Skin breakouts depend on one’s personal hygiene. Clean your makeup brushes regularly. Keep in mind the expiry of products to avoid any infection or bacteria to settle on your skin. As for powder products such as compact, blush, eyeshadows etc can be cleaned with a dry tissue. Clean the top layer on the product if you are using it after some time and the fresh layer can be used for more than 2-3 years since the time of first use.


Picking products to match your skin type is another factor that can cause infection. If you have an oily skin avoid cream based products specially in summers. Also, certain ingredients present in a particular skin care product or cosmetic can be allergic to some skin types. Be aware of the particular ingredient that does not suit your skin type everytime you are trying or buying a new product. For dry skin, which is usually sensitive one should pick products that have a soothing ingredient or are cream based which will provide comfort to the skin without any reaction. Whereas the ingredient part remains the same for this and any other skin type as well. Accumulation of bacteria, oil, etc.causes skin problems leading to breakouts. So wear makeup and look pretty!


- Aakriti



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