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5 Reasons Why Our Tech Guru Abhishek Telang Won't Buy iPhone 6

5 Reasons Why Our Tech Guru Abhishek Telang Won't Buy iPhone 6


  4129      18/10/2014

There has already been a lot of hullabaloo about the iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Now that it has also launched in the Indian market there is no dearth of customers who are ready to sweep it off the store shelf in one go. If you are one of those customers and is planning to buy the latest inventory, then you have to read this before you place your order. Our gadget guru Abhishek Telang, who is also an anchor on India's Number one Tech Show - Tech Guru will tell you why he wouldn’t buy the latest Apple iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Read this article to know his valid reasons to wait for the next launch.


Reason No. 1: It has the SAME operating System

I am already using an iPhone 5s. It has a Touch ID, almost same quality camera, and good performance. Also the same Operating System.

Reason No. 2: It is still the same technology

 It’s always wise to buy the 2nd generation of any technology. Not it’s just more value for money, it gets more evolved and more polished too.

Reason No. 3: The ‘S’ devices are always better

The 'S' devices are always good upgrade options when it comes to iPhone. Be it 4s or 5s, they were always better than their predecessors. In iPhone 4s, Apple first introduced 8 MP camera and also launched 'Siri', Apple's Voice Assistant Software. In iPhone 5s, Apple introduced the 'Touch ID', the fingerprint scanner and the new Champagne Gold Color option. iPhones which ends with a number were always a design upgrade and the 'S' devices were always associated with the hardware and new innovation upgrade in iPhones. It’s wise to wait for another 6-8 months till Apple rolls out it next iPhone which would be worth buy and will be an intelligent upgrade.

Reason No. 4: It has major design issues

It was 'Antennagate' which embarrassed the Legendary Steve Jobs in iPhone 4 and now it’s 'Bendgate' which is sort of giving nightmares to Tim Cook. Most of the times any company whenever it experiments with a new form factor or design, there are chances of some glitches left unnoticed by the design Team. In the next iPhone, Apple will not only crease these errors out but it will be also their second attempt in the recently introduced form factor.

Reason No. 5: No value for money

 50K is hell lot of money. Enjoy your current device. Save some more money and wait for the next upgrade



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