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4 Yoga Exercises to Make Your Face Look Thinner!

4 Yoga Exercises to Make Your Face Look Thinner!



  3674      12/10/2014

However fit or perfectly proportioned your body may be, but a round or chubby face gives you an appearance of being fat. Chubby face is a major problem for girls and women because they are always critized, teased and made fun of for the appeance of their face. We strongly disapprove of such behavior. But if a person wants, he/she can make the jaw line more prominent and cut excessive skin from your face by easy facial yoga exercises. Read this article to know about 4 such exercise.


Start doing Simhasana

Simhasana or lion pose is known to be the most effective yogasana for making the face slimmer. It can tone up the muscles throughout your face, thereby stimulating the whole musculature, which results into a slimmer face in course of time. To practice this, you have to stoop on the floor while placing the hands on your knees. Your palms as well as all of your fingers should be straight enough. Now, inhale deeply. But instead of gulping the air in, simply keep your mouth wide open. Your jaw should be dropped and your tongue should be stuck out facing downwards. Then, exhale through your mouth and create a sound similar to the roar of a lion.


Do a Chin lock

Chin lock is also named as jalandhara bandha and it plays a key role in reshaping a chubby face. It mainly works by toning up the facial muscles, restructuring the jaw line muscles and rectifying a double chin. Start with sitting on the floor in sukhasana or the very simple lotus pose. Take a deep breath and put your palms on both of your knees. Raise your shoulders and lean your whole body ahead a bit. Now, bend your chin downwards so that it touches your chest or remains in between your collar bones. Press it firmly in order to keep the oesophagus completely closed. You need to retain your breath for some time. Once you feel uncomfortable, release it by lifting your head and getting back to the initial position.


Practice a Locked tongue

The locked tongue pose is also quite popular as jivha bandha. It is an excellent facial yoga exercise that can shape up our jaw line and give our face a slimmer as well as sharper look. It not only aids in toning facial muscles, but also boosts the circulation of blood throughout our face. At first, you need to sit straight on the ground in padmasana by keeping your legs crossed one over another. Place both of your hands on your lap and just relax. Now, roll your tongue up and touch the upper palate of your mouth with its tip. Try to open your mouth as wide as possible by holding the tongue in this position. You should feel extreme stretch in your throat and face. Retain the pose until you feel uncomfortable and keep inhaling with your nose.


Fish face helps too

As the name suggest, this facial yoga pose looks like the mouth of a fish. For this purpose, you have to pursue your lips a little, while making a smiling face. Now, withdraw your cheeks. Your objective would be to squeeze them into the hollows of your face. Retain the entire posture for quite a few seconds and then return to the starting position.

Though there are many other facial exercises that can help you in your efforts of making the face slimmer, these four yoga pose are regarded as the best ones and can certainly give you the maximum results.




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