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21 Year Old Male & Suffering From Hair Loss, Help!

21 Year Old Male & Suffering From Hair Loss, Help!


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Question –

Hi, I am a 21 year old male, facing hair fall problem. I also want to know how to take care of my long (semi curl) hair as it becomes drier and frizzy day by day. Applying any oil on head effects thick loss of hair, so I also restricted the use of oil. Please specify some homemade or organic remedies.  And also refer any oil which gives strength and helps in reducing hair fall.
- Shivam



Expert Advice –

Dear Shivam,


Hair fall happens because of lack of nutrition from within and hence outside oiling according to me as a dermatologist cannot do anything except acting as a conditioner. 

Also, when roots are weak in tellogen effluvium (thinning of the hair )as in when the  hair fall is massive it's not a great idea to oil the hair as that can indie further and increases hair fall too.

I would suggest you a high protein diet and also supplements of vitamin E and Biotin for making the hair root thicker and better. Some of the home remedies that you can try are:

1. Applying garlic juice on falling hair overnight and washing in morning

2. External conditioning by applying curd on hair few hours before shampooing works

3. Applying oil which is not too greasy like apricot mixed half and half with water can be applied on washed hair specially on the ends.

4. For dry fizzy hair use a shampoo accordingly which is marketed and made for such type of hair. 

5. Internal digestion of oil like evening primrose oil is a great idea specially for dry fizzy hair.


Please do not apply minoxidil ( a lotion to promote hair growth) etc without visiting a dermatologist as that can induce more of a rebound hair fall instead  of growing back.


Take Care
Dr Deepali Bhardwaj



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