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17 Years Old & My Cheeks Are Getting Thin, How To Get Chubby Cheeks?

17 Years Old & My Cheeks Are Getting Thin, How To Get Chubby Cheeks?


  2933      07/07/2015

Question –


Hi, I am a teenager of 17 years (weight-67 kgs and Height- 5ft 7 inches). My problem is that my cheeks are getting thin and sleek. I want to have fuller cheeks because I don't look good in thin cheeks. Please suggest me some diet plan and natural tips to get a chubby cheek?
- Keshav



Expert Advice –


Dear Keshav,

It is not really possible to gain weight in specific places like this, particularly on the face and cheeks. Your best bet is to eat a balanced diet with enough protein, vitamins and minerals, so that your look is healthy. Also get checked for anaemia. Sometimes deficiency of iron tends to give a hollowed cheeks appearance. If your haemoglobin is low, then ensure an iron rich diet to bring it up to the normal range. That will help.


Take Care

- Kavita Devgan



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