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17 Super Healthy Snack Options For Late Night Suggested by Dietician !

17 Super Healthy Snack Options For Late Night Suggested by Dietician !


  2042      06/09/2016

At times, either your favorite flick is being aired or you're all red cheering for the red devils of Manchester United or you are just about to finish the last battle of favorite war game or it can be the office work which is making you a nocturnal creature. These are times when most people feel a craving for good and healthy snacks. Even if you've had dinner at 10, you'll again start feeling hungry. But most of the time we end up eating junk, especially for all the weight watchers this is one thing which is typically unhealthy, hence here we bring you list of healthy snack which you could binge on along with a guide of the calorie count. 

- 1/2 cup Roasted Peanuts: 200kcal

- 1/2 cup Roasted channa: 125kcal

- 1/2 cup protein mix ( healthy foods brand ) : 125kcal

- 1/2 cup roasted wheat ( healthy foods ) : 120kcal

- 1/2 cup roasted moong ( healthy foods ) : 130kcal

- 1 medium bowl popcorn ( no butter ) : 25kcal

- 1 glass milk ( no bournvita  or chocolate powder - coffee can be added ) : 110kcal

- 1 bowl papaya , cucumber , pomegranate : 20- 55 kcal

- 2 boiled egg whites ( sprinkle black pepper ) : 35kcal

- Broiled Cauliflower with Olive Oil and Sea Salt : 35kcal

- Crunchy Muesli + milk : 240kcal

- Wheat Rusk ( 2 ) : 90kcal

- Green Tea / Black Coffee / Black Tea with roasted 5-7 almonds : green tea : 0 kcal, almonds 35kcal

- Sprouts salad ( with olive oil dressing ) : 200kcal

- Boiled Kalachana salad ( with olive oil dressing ) : 220kcal

- Homemade Snack Mix : 150kcal

- 1 veg multigrain bread sandwich ( 2 multigrain bread slices , coleslaw ) : 80-90 kcal

These are some of the super healthy snack options that you can eat guilt free during late night without worrying about putting weight. If you have any diet/fitness related question, you can post it here or if you want to consult with me for a diet plan or any other issues, you can book a consulation on call with me.

Happy Snacking!



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